Greetings valued customers,

Starting August 1, 2004 new billing policies will take effect at Server Solutions.

Don't worry, we are not raising rates.  We are still keeping our promise of giving you the same rates you started with if you keep paying us when yoiu are supposed to.

Most of the changes are in your invoice and billing frequencies.  Customers will now receive an invoice based on their billing frequency.  Those who pay monthly will continue to receive their invoice monthly.  Those who normally pay every six months will receive an invoice every six months for six months of service.  Those who normally pay annually will only receive an invoice once a year for an entire year's service.  The six month and annual invoices will have the appropriate discounts of 5% and 10%, respectively, applied.

Let us know if you need to change your billing cycle.

There will now be a late fee applied to overdue balances in the amount of 1.67% per month (20% per year) on any outstanding balance.  Any account 90 days past due will have its associated sites disabled.   A $25 setup fee and a switch to credit card payment be required to restart a site disabled due to non-payment. Also, all discounts will be lost and the current advertised rate will take effect.

Referral fees will not change.  However, for resellers or those with more than one web, the referral fee will be reflected in a reduced price for the subsequent webs.  All others will see the fee reflected as a line item on the invoice.  Referral fees will be discontinued for referrals who have become past due on their accounts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at .