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Customer Support

If you live on the Forgotten Coast, call us at 850-387-0658.  There is a "Problem Report" link to the left you can use to contact us.  Email to always gets high priority.

Check out the links over to the left for some tips and instructions.

Network Solutions DNS Issues

Update 4/23/05 11:25 - Talked to Network Solutions support and they did acknowledge a problem and that they are working on it. No estimated time for fixing was given.

Just recently, some of our clients have been having troubles connecting to sites whose DNS settings are maintained on Network Solutions DNS servers. This seems to be effecting mostly people who connect via BellSouth. This may be because of a firewall setting that exacerbates the problem for BellSouth customers. One solution to this is to change DNS servers. If you are a Server Solutions client and would like to use our domain name servers please send us an email at .

    If you are a BellSouth customer, try one of these links to test and see that the site you are trying to reach is actually up.

  • You can also check your site using different DNS servers

    SOA RR
    NS RR
    MX RR

    alternative dns server

    If you are using windows, go to Start>>Run, type in CMD, hit enter, the type in "nslookup /all" and your DNS servers will be displayed in there somewhere.